May 20th 2019

We generally only broadcast our achievements as an organisation. We only tell you about shiny new training programmes, awards, and the positive outcomes that our people achieve.

Like a majority of souls we go sunny side out and talk about our successes like they are the inevitable outcome of virtuous and ethical lives rather than the product of endless scuttling around. In particular we neglect to recognize the people and organisations that make success possible. Over the next few weeks, for a change, we will sing the praises of some key supporters.

First to grace the limelight is the City of Dublin Education and Training Board (CDETB) whose Adult Education Service has facilitated the delivery of a core part of My Streets Ireland's first Dublin programme. They didn't know us when we first came to Dublin and were in no way obliged to support a relatively new and niche programme. That they believed in our vision points to the value they put on accessible and inclusive education; "it's not just about the points you got, it's about the passion you have".

According to their website, "The CDETB Adult Education Service provides an open, accessible, welcoming environment where you will find programmes that meet your individual needs". They also provide tutor hours to community partners, like My Streets, who provide a training course too specific to be included in a general remit. This support can be drawn down through the completion of a straightforward application process and provides an accessible opportuntiy for community groups and social enterprises to leverage adult education and deliver real social change.

CDETB's sponsorship of My Streets 'Creative Writing' module directly led to one trainee, Barry, winning a Dublin wide writing competition and another, Des, self publishing a book. It also led to several trainees fulfilling their ability to write creatively and weave their story together with the story of the streets of Dublin to create unique social histories and tour experiences. 
Education is all about empowerment and it is an honour to be working with CDETB's Adult Education Service to build a more sustainable and accessible Dublin for learners of all ages and stripes. Thanks Caoimhe, Barbara and Blake for making this possible.

May 19th 2019

It’s been a wonderful day; Ronya provided a ‘Viking Dublin’ tour to a group of satisfied Portugeuse customers.

It’s been a wonderful week; My Streets achieved one million article reads/video views in the past seven days alone. The cream on top was an interview on a late night news show with New Zealand state broadcaster RNZ.

It’s been a wonderful year for My Streets: winning a Social Entrepreneurs Ireland award, moving to Dublin, broadening and deepening our impact in too many ways to list in a short blog entry.