DUBLIN - Dezi's ‘1916 What has Changed’

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DUBLIN - Dezi's ‘1916 What has Changed’


About My Tour- ‘1916 What has Changed’

Dezi’s  tour delivers an insightful reflection on the 1916 rebellion and asks what has changed in the 100 years that have passed.

Dezi uses his own life, alongside that of revolutionary socialist and devout Catholic, Michael Mallon, to explore the lived legacy of the 1916 rebellion.

Who are the heroes? Who are thevictims? What has changed? Was the legalistic Catholicism that replaced foreign rule any less oppressive? Is the rampant capitalism that actively tears apart the social fabric of the city any better than that? What has changed and what has to change?

Dezi’s one location performance lasts approximately 45 minutes and carries the listener through a wide array of emotions. Watch out for the hirsute aesthete beside the pond inside Fusiliers Arch on the Grafton Street Side of Stephens Green.

Tour departs from:

Tour duration: 45mins approx

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