My Streets Ireland believes in breaking the mould. We believe in empowering people with education. We believe in the changing stereotypes with storytelling. Everyone of our guides has experienced, or is experiencing, homelessness. They understand the streets that run through our towns and cities better than anyone else. Here they are.

Dublin Guides



I was rared in Tallaght when Tallaght was a village. As a child I worked on my grandfathers farm and could lift (weight of hay) when I was 12 years old. I’ve put my hand to many things in my life… different jobs. My father’s death 18 years ago hit me hard. I hit the drink on and off over the years and became homeless three years ago. I’m big into music, acting and telling tales. People tell me I’m a character and maybe they are right. I’m like everything about Brendan Behan and see some similarities between himself and me. I hope to see you on my tour





I didn’t have an easy childhood but I always thought my life would be normal as an adult. It hasn’t turned out like that; I got involved with the wrong crowd when I was teenager and became homeless when I was 20. I didn’t feel safe at home and just left one day. I slept under the stars, in parks and beside the canal for three years up until a year ago when I got a house. I have two dogs that I love more than anyone and they live with me now. I didn’t like school when I was there but love learning now and am back in college learning literacy skills. I want to tell people that if I can turn my life around so can they and to be kind topeople who are down on their luck.


Drogheda Guides



I’ve been a My Streets tour guide for almost five years now and I really enjoy it. I live in my own house and have my own car now too and do Food Cloud collections for the community centre in Moneymore. I used to drink too much and it almost ruined my life. I haven’t touched a drop now in five years. I’m a traveller and learned the harmonica off my uncle John Joe… I give tours with Cyril, I play the harmonica and tell the odd joke and he does the history!